MiniCal III bypass fitting

The bypass fitting has been designed for monitoring ammonia leaks in pressure lines. It's an innovative system enabling commissioning, service and maintenance work without interrupting the process.

The regular exchange of the medium in the measuring chamber is a prerequisite for the early detection of an ammonia leak. Part of the medium passes through the fitting as soon as the upstream solenoid valve opens. By adjusting the interval and the opening time of the solenoid valve, the regular exchange of the medium is assured.
For avoiding any coolant loss, a high-pressure pump is used to pump the medium back into the circuit after measurement.

Monitoring the pump and solenoid valve enables the flow control. The bypass fitting is designed for use in a pressure range from 1 to 6 bars and a temperature range from –10°C to +50°C.

The benefits at a glance

  • Flow control
  • Regular exchange of the medium
  • Any coolant loss
  • Easy use
  • Easy installation
  • Measurement in pipes from 1 to 6 bars
  • Service and maintenance without any process interruption

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