Compact Gas sampling system with the proven GMA technology

A gas sampling system is required in all places where the gas atmos- pheres cannot be monitored with conventional transmitters and sen- sors. In order to reliably measure gases in narrow pipes under high pressure influence, or in complete closed cycle processes or under extreme temperature conditions, samples of the atmosphere must be first removed and placed in a valuable state.

The concept

The GfG gas sampling system GMA 200-MGSS combines all the neces- sary skills on the smallest space. With a size of only 30x30x10 cm, this it is the smallest available unit for such metrological requirements. Based on the ultra-modern and flex- ible GfG technology of the gas de- tection controller GMA200, and on the transmitter series EC/CC22, the gas sampling version comprises only robust and durable components. In the absence of large stainless steel cabinets and without the need to unnecessary house components in the measurement technology, an ex- tremely space-saving, high-quality, yet affordable complete solution is thus obtained.

Optional extensions

The GMA200-MGSS facilities cus- tomised on process with optional elements such as cooling coils, filters, a water barrier, Condensate trap and flame arrester guarantee a secure and permanent monitoring of dangerous gas concentrations. Through these options, the GMA200-MGSS is devel- oped with each measurement task.

The advantages at a glance

  • Efficient alternative to expensive Gas sampling systems
  • Electronic sampling pump pump for sucking from inaccessible areas
  • Fully automated flow monitoring
  • Internal gas distributor for a catalytic sensor and two electrochemical sensors
  • Condensate trap, water filter and flame arrestors to protect the system
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