Transmitter CS21

For toxic and flammable gases and vapours

The transmitter CS21 uses the proven chemosorption principle for detection of toxic and combustible gases and vapours. The extremely short response time of the transmitter enables the user to take action quickly to prevent damage to people and plant. Long sensor life makes the CS21 an economic alternative.

The sensor can often be used continuously for 5 years, before replacement is required. A wide temperature range from -40°C to + 60 °C makes the CS21 useful for a variety of applications, particularly for the protection of refrigeration plants.

The distance between the CS21 transmitter and controller can be more than 500 metres. Sturdy aluminium housing protects the sensor and electronic parts against impact, splash-water and dirt.

The CS21 is not Ex-certified, so may not be used directly in areas containing highly flammable gases. To detect flammable gases and vapours within the zoned area the gas must be advanced to the transmitter. Here, explosion protection must be guaranteed with suitable components, e.g. flame arrestors.

Advantages at a glance

  • Economical
  • Simple to use
  • Long sensor lifetime
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Fast response time and high sensitivity
  • For use in areas where Ex-certification is not required

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