Transmitter CI21

Transmitter for ammonia in refrigeration plants

The transmitter CI21 has been specially designed for detection of ammonia in refrigeration plants. The detection principle “Charge Carrier Injection” (CI) combines the specificity of electro-chemical sensors with the longevity of chemosorption sensors.

Cross-sensitivities to lubricants, cleaning agents or hydrogen with the false alarms that occur as a result, are largely eliminated. The sensor signal remains stable over a wide temperature range. The transmitter can be operated at temperatures from -35°C to +55°C with a high degree of accuracy.  Ammonia leaks are rapidly detected. In less than 8 seconds an alarm is triggered, no matter if very low gas concentrations of a few ppm (1 ppm = 0.0001Vol%) or high concentrations in the % vol range are released. The transmitter CI21 covers a wide detection concentration and temperature range of operation, which other sensors do not provide.

The advantages at a glance

  • Selective, reduced cross-sensitivity to cleaning agents etc
  • Operation in dry air up to 99% humidity
  • Temperature compensation
  • Wide range detection range, from a few ppm up to % volume
  • Long life time
  • Unaffected by constant backgrounds of ammonia – a major disadvantage of electrochemical-type sensors

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