Transmitter CC22ex

For flammable gases in Ex zone 2

Specically designed for ammable gases and vapours

With the CC22ex GfG offers a cost-effective and Ex approved solution for the monitoring of flammable gases and vapours, which meets the highest requirements.

Time-proven and Innovative

The CC22ex uses the Catalytic Combustion(CC) measurement principle, a proven measurement method for monitoring combustible gases. It is intended for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas. Voltage stabilisation, processing of the measured value output, and temperature compensation are all handled by the smart electronics. The long service life of the sensors reduces operating costs.

Communicates digitally using Modbus

The measured values are transmitted digitally through a RS485 Modbus interface. In combination with the newly developedGMA22-M controller, the CC22ex meets the latest legal requirements and provides a space-saving, high-performance solution for a wide range of applications.

Smart processing of measured values

There is an industry-wide trend towards smart units, such as the CC22ex, in which the integrated electronics process data at the measuring point. Linearization of the measurement signal, compensation of temperature influences, detection of faults and information on the next service or maintenance date are just some of the advantages.

Service-friendly App* and Smart Sensors

Configuration, adjustment and calibration of the CC22ex is conveniently performed from an app through the infrared interface. The service technician has all of the information about the transmitter at hand and the adjustment of settings is completed with one click.

If a CC22ex is used in an area where it is not possible to carry smartphones, adjustment and calibration can alternatively be performed using a magnetic pen without having to open the transmitter.

The GfG Smart Sensors are service-friendly. They can easily be swapped and are automatically recognized by the transmitter.
*Use only by service technicians

Remote calibration adapter

The special remote calibration adapter facilitates regular functional checks. It ensures a safe and even test gas supply.

Technical Data

II 3G Ex nA db IIC T4 Gc -20°TA+55°C

  • Gases and Sensors: GfG transmitters for flammable gases and vapors
  • Ranges for Sensors: 0 to 100 %LEL
  • Detection Method: Catalytic combustion [CC]
  • Gas supply: Diffusion or  ow rate with calibration adapter
  • Response time t90: 10 seconds for H2, methane and propane. Other gases differ.
  • Expected Sensor Life: >5 years (depending on operating conditions)
  • Temperature: -20 to +55 °C
  • Humidity: 0 to 99 % r. h.
  • Pressure: 70 to 130 kPa
  • Outputs: RS485 (Modbus)
  • Power: 12 to 30 V DC
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 103 mm x 147 mm x 52 mm
  • Housing: IP65

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