Relay module for DIN-rail mounting

Extension of gas warning system GMA200 by additional relays

The relay module GMA RT can be used to extend the gas warning system GMA200 by 16 additional freely programmable relays. The gas warning system GMA200 is able to manage a total of up to four additional relay modules having 16 relays respectively. The digital connection of the relay modules GMA-RT and RTD to the gas warning system GMA 200 enables a decentralized positioning of the relay modules.

High flexibility through decentralized positioning

This flexibility of a decentralized relay module installation leads to enormous cost savings due to reduced cabling and installation costs.

GMA200-RTW for wall mounting

With the help of an additional wall-mounted casing with integrated power supply unit DR 15, a direct wall mounting is possible. A relay module type GMA200-RT can be integrated into the casing.

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