Portable Gas Detection

To ensure the highest levels of personal safety, GfG develops compact, robust and high quality portable instruments. Electrochemical, catalytic, infrared or PID sensors are used to detect all gas hazards which may be present in the work area.

GfG offers solutions for every application, from 1-gas to up to 7-gases at the same time. Very loud audible alarms, high visibility flashing and multi-colour visual alarms and vibration alarms are used to ensure that the worker is immediately alerted to gas hazards even in dark and noisy environments. Long sensor lifetime, low cost of ownership, ease of use and high quality are all trademarks of GfG portable gas detectors.


Fixed Gas Systems

A fixed gas detection system permanently monitors the work environment for possible gas hazards, ensuring maximum safety. Even the smallest gas leak will trigger an alarm to enable action to be taken. More than 500 different gases and vapours can be monitored with GfG fixed systems.
A fixed system consists of a transmitter and controller. These controllers can be connected as single-channel systems for just 1 transmitter, up to 16-channels for 1 controller – or with a rack mounted system as many transmitters as are required.


Water Measuring Systems

Measuring and monitoring liquids in different engineering circuits is a field we are involved in every day. Whether in sewage treatment, water treatment, swimming pools, chemical plants, refrigeration installations or the food industry - each medium imposes its own specific measuring requirement. Minimal impurities can harm human beings, products or Equipment.






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