Variocon 2010

Measuring pH, redox and chlorine values

The various system of the Variocon amplifier has been designed for providing a compact signal amplifier/controller in line with the market. The measuring amplifier is suitable for measuring physical quantities like pH , redox values or for performing chlorine measurements. The system assures the permanent use in all water treatment plants requiring pH, redox or chlorine measuring technique The pertaining fittings can be used individually. The up-to-date device concept enables settings on a needs base for measurement challenges in industrial and municipal sectors.

Adjusted system components

The Variocon system is a combination of optimally synchronized components. Measuring amplifiers, controllers, measuring electrodes and fittings are user-friendly and practical.

Powerful measuring amplifier

The heart of the system is the functional amplifier permitting different controller functions. It is programmed exactly for the required application and can immediately be used for numerous functions. The measuring amplifier can be built into existing cabinets or wall casings. Its common format of 96x96 mm fits into each cutout dimension. At any time, the system provides information on the measured concentration, the limits when exceeding them or falling below and on the respective operating conditions. The individual system settings and the service settings are password-protected against unauthorized access.

Flexible control

A total of 4 relays is available to control pumps, valves and other subassemblies. Thus, the exact dosage of chemicals can be controlled. In addition, 2 analogue outputs (4-20 mA) provide a safe transmission of the measured values for further evaluation. The controller has a variety of control variants such that no further regulators are required. The following functions can be assigned to the relays: ON / OFF; exceeding / falling below limits; PWM controller; PFM controller. mA output: linear range, proportional controller.

Specially adapted electrodes

Durable electrodes which are exactly adapted to the system are used for detection purposes in water treatment plants. The electrodes assure the detection of the following measurement ranges:

  • pH values 0....14pH
  • Free chlorine 0....1.0 /2.5mg/l
  • Redox -1000mV ....+1000mV

The benefits at a glance

  • Easy use - low mounting depth
  • Easy installation - snap-on mounting
  • Compact and robust design
  • High-resistance mV measuring signal inputs or mA inputs
  • Microprocessor technology - numerous control functions
  • Signal inputs and outputs electrically isolated

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