Dockingstation DS220

The MICRO IV dockingstation DS220 is a complete device management system considerably reducing the costs and time needed for bump test, adjustment and documentation and assuring a fast device readiness for operation. 

The station can be installed everywhere and only requires little space. No PC connection or module is required. Each MICRO IV dockingstation works completely independently. Up to 6 devices can be tested or adjusted simultaneously. All data are automatically stored on a normal memory card (MMC card). In case of need, the memory card can be removed and data can be stored on PC and printed.

With the help of the MICRO IV dockingstation, the bump test is performed fully automatically. Visual and audible alarms, device failures, alarm thresholds and response times for alarms can reliably and quickly be tested. Considerable cost reductions through shorter service times, a minimum usage of test gas and the easy operation will already turn out after a few usages. User faults are almost ruled out. The traffic light signals are clear and signify the following:

Red   The test fails
Yellow The test is performed
Green The test is finished and the device is ready for operation!

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