Food industry

Many different gases are used in the production and storage of food today. Greenhouses contain carbon dioxide detection systems to ensure that plant growth is accurately controlled. During storage of fruit and vegetables, the concentration of carbon dioxide is carefully monitored to ensure that the product ripens at the correct time. Refrigerants are also used which must be monitored as many are toxic. A combination of fixed and portable gas detection ensures that the optimum protection from gas hazards is achieved.

In breweries and pub cellars, monitoring for carbon dioxide and oxygen levels is a legal requirement. Also, use of portable gas detectors ensures that the location of leaks can be quickly identified.

GfG products that are used here

Portable gas detectors

Microtector III G888 7-gas detector with an optional radio module

Polytector III G999 7-gas detector with an integrated suction pump as well as an optional radio module

MICRO IV Single-gas detector for toxic gases and oxygen

Fixed gas detection systems

Fixed gas detection transmitters and controllers for carbon dioxide, ammonia and oxygen

Customers, who use GfG products in this industrial sector

  • Anheuser-Busch Companies
  • Berliner Kindl Brewery
  • Feldschlösschen Brewery
  • Flensburger Brewery
  • Heineken Brewery
  • Henkell & Söhnlein Sektkellerei
  • Koninklijke Grolsch N.V.
  • Unilever Germany (Langnese-Iglo)
  • Nestlé Germany

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