On 27 December 1961 Rolf Huebner founded GfG (Gesellschaft für Gerätebau) mbH.

The Dortmund mining authority gave GfG a contract to produce the portable gas warning device "Methanprüfer K95" – the first electronic gas detector to be successfully used in the arduous environments found in coal mining.



The methane testing set G 61 is added to the product range – coal mine “Minister Stein” orders more than 400 devices.



The legendary gas warning devices “Evameter G70” and “G70P” confirm GfG’s position as the Number 1 supplier of portable gas detectors to the mining industry. Up to 1967 more than 15,000 “Evameter” are supplied to “Deutsche Steinkohle AG” alone.



GfG starts to supply to the USA via NMS (National Mine Service) in Pittsburgh.

In the following 10 years more than 80,000 GfG gas warning devices of the GfG are supplied to the American mining industry.

In Germany, GfG is chosen as the specialist gas detection partner for “Ruhrgas” for the conversion of the Ruhr district network to natural gas.



The GfG supplies portable gas warning devices for the mining industry to Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia, CSSR and the USSR. At the same time the GfG strengthens its contacts to the industry in Germany.



GfG fixed gas detection systems for the mining industry, complete with wind velocity surveying instruments, are supplied to coal mines in Hungary, Yugoslavia and Poland.



Hans-Joerg Huebner becomes Managing Director of GfG.

The Company now diversifies away from its’ core business of mining. Growing demand for higher levels of safety in gas handling and reliable gas detection systems, backed up by new, tougher safety laws and regulations give GfG the opportunity to apply its’ long experience gained in the mining industry to new market sectors.



With a significant investment in R&D, new products are developed for specific market opportunities. GfG grows to over 100 employees. 



In Switzerland the subsidiary GfG AG is founded.

The Swiss company develops products for water measurement and, within a short time becomes the market leader for ion-selective survey equipment in refrigeration plants.



In the USA GfG acquires “Dynamation Ltd.” and founds a new US-based GfG subsidiary.

This opens up the large US market to GfG gas detection products. The new company GfG instrumentation markets existing GfG products and also develops products uniquely for the American market.



GfG expands world-wide.

In addition to the subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, South Africa and Switzerland, a global sales network of distributors is created to provide sales and service support in many new territories.



GfG Polska Sp. z.o.o. is established and GfG intensifies its activities in Eastern Europe.



GfG Europe Ltd. is incorporated in the UK as the central distribution company responsible for sales and support for the non-German speaking countries of Europe. The location of “GfG Europe Ltd.” at Stansted airport means that customers across Europe can be offered next-day delivery for standard products.

GfG launches the revolutionary new G450 4-gas detector, which is the first gas detection instrument to win the distinguished red dot design award, for uniqueness if design and functionality.



The new G460 6-gas detector, a sister product to the G450 is launched and creates huge interest in the market. Many gas detection users, who have suffered poor quality product and service from certain GfG competitors turn to GfG to find the high standards of quality, product features and service that they expect. User confidence in GfG products is underlined by the award of a large contract for supply of Microtector II G460 detectors to “Deutsche Telekom”- the largest multi-gas contract awarded in Europe in 2007.



GfG continues to achieve strong growth, far in excess of the industry average. The number of employees world-wide rises to over 250. Further R&D developments mean that new and innovative products continue to be introduced.

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